Does it work?

  • It uses cutting-edge tools from psychology and other fields:
    • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
      Do you want to find out what NLP is? Get the book “The Technology of Change
    • HeartMath (From HeartMath institute)
    • Behavioral Kinesiology by Dr. John Diamond
    • Brain Gym by Paul E. Dennison
    • Rational Emotive Therapy by Albert Ellis
    • …and many-many more…

The material has been tested for 2 years with great results! People who used it, have been its best advocates (see what people are saying).

The test “What is your type” has been officially standardized using a sample of more than 3000 students!
(The article is currently only published in Greek in the official medical Journal “Rysmos”. We are currently working on the English version).

We have collected the best of the best tools known and tested to bring results!

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YOU MAKE IT WORK, it does not work by itself.

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