• “This thing is smart! If you have a difficulties, it gives you exactly what you need to do. No nonsense!”

    – Jason Markopoulos (High-School Student)

  • “I could relate better with my students, their interest in the class increased as well as their performance. There were times where I did not know how to help my students. With “Study the Easy Way” I know exactly what I need to do.”

    – Eve Sidiropoulou (School teacher)

  • “There are so many issues covered! If you were to ask me, I wouldn’t mention most of them. Seeing them here I recognize that I can have quite a few and I can get rid of them.”

    – Maria Darra (3rd year University Student, Medicine)

  • “Dimitris, I gave “Study the Easy Way” as a gift to a girl who, every year for 3 years, failed in composition course. As she was using “Study the Easy Way”, she realized what the problem, which tortured her, was. She decided to implement the appropriate techniques whenever she had composition examinations. She got an A for this course! She was so delighted that she could not stop thanking me about my gift.”

    – Antonia Tsalta (Business Woman)

  • “I gave “Study the Easy Way” as a present to my 12-years-old niece. She told me that this book helped her a lot with the school courses. It was really helpful in composition, in memorizing mathematical formulas. She found it very practical and handy in learning how to study the easy way.”

    – Tonia Krasanaki (Mother)

  • “During the period of my final exams I had tutorials in the course of composition with a tutor who told me that I needed extra practice to this course. One day, as I had to write a new composition at home, I saw the book “Study the Easy Way” and I thought to implement the techniques which this book suggests. “What do I have to lose”, I thought. The results were unbelievable to me, immediately! My tutor was impressed from the way I wrote the composition and he couldn’t believe that this was something that I achieved just by using “Study the Easy Way.”

    – Georgia Ranoutsou (Student)

  • “The E-learning web application of “Study the Easy Way” was the most enjoyable purchase I have made lately. Usually, we avoid books; we have the computer running in front of us and it’s much more fun to find information in there. Today, I did the exercise “how to avoid exam anxiety”, as I had a very important meeting with some Russian customers and it worked just perfect for me!”

    – Anonymous (Free-lancer)

  • “I used some of the techniques from “Study the Easy Way”. My problem was that one of my instructors was uncooperative. So, I decided to try some of the techniques mentioned in the section “about a teacher or professor” from the table of 140 issues. I found the exercise “I don’t get along well with this teacher” extremely useful. I used all the techniques suggested for this issue. After a while I realized that I was much more positive about the specific instructor. I could easily bring back mostly the good memories I had from her. Now, even though I haven’t completely released all my negative feelings, I feel much better. I will repeat some of these techniques from “Study the Easy Way” in the future :-)”

    – Maria Ranoutsou (4th year in University of Crete, Archeology student)

  • “In May 2009, I was a student attending the 2nd level of Lyceum. During the examination period I had to study lots of chapters in history course. Through the whole year I hardly bothered to study a thing. I was grasping whatever I could, during the lectures. Ι was really worried! how could I manage to study these 6 chapters in such a short time? What should I do? I opened “Study the Easy Way”! The walking to infinity technique was exactly what I needed, at that time. It was really amazing how fast I managed to study. In less than 3 days, I managed to study 6 chapters. Not only I was able to learn them but my performance was excellent too! I passed the exams with a 19.5 out of 20 (97.5%) grade.”

    – Eleni Ranoutsou (Student)